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    Fort Detrick, MD - In Processing

    All military personnel must report to the Housing Office before seeking off-post rental housing. The Housing Office is located at 1520 Freedman Drive, Room 202. The housing office is responsible for assigning adequate space to the single Soldiers in pay grades E-1 -E-5. Customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 0730-1600.
    In-processing is conducted every morning except Thursday from 0900-1100. No appointment is required. Sponsors should escort new arrivals to the various agencies. Be sure and bring permanent-change-of-station orders, military personnel file, medical, dental and education records. A newcomers' orientation is held quarterly at the Community Activities Center. New civilian personnel should report to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center which is located at 810 Schreider Street, Suite 106, to in-process. Building 810 requires an access key to enter. You must call CPAC from the foyer to gain entry to the building. Their operation hours are Monday-Friday from 0800-1630. Call 301-619-2191 for more information.