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    Fort Detrick, MD - Hospital

    The nearest hospital is the Fort Detrick Richard Barquist Army Health Clinic provides general medical care for active duty military, family members, and retired service members. Patients are seen on an appointment only basis. Emergency care is available at Frederick Memorial Hospital which is located about one mile from Fort Detrick. The Barquist Family Health Clinic is located at 1434 Porter Street, Fort Detrick. To call for an appointment, the phone number for the clinic is 301-619-7175. Fort Detrick Dental Clinic also services active duty military personnel.

    Barquist Army Health Care Facility
    1434 Porter Street
    Fort Detrick, MD 21702

    Phone: 301-619-7175 or TOLL FREE 866-319-8982
    Hours of Operation: 0730-1630, Monday - Friday